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CM's Netherland Dwarfs



What started out as a 4-H project, now takes us all around the United States and gives us the chance to meet new friends....

One of our young Otter Bucks
his day is coming soon to be at his first show.......

In 1992 our daughter was 7 years old, she was very shy and not very outgoing. So my bright idea was to pick up a bunny at a yard sale and get her into 4-H.....Ha Ha Ha, it was a Dwarf Hotot that had many DQ's, so we talked with her 4-H leader and her first bunny was a Jersey Wooly. Did pretty good with it as I recall.
Then she moved up to the Netherland Dwarfs, OH MY, what that first dwarf looked like. Would not even make it now in our barn as a good brood doe, and it was a buck.
As time moved on we let her get some does and start breeding. Vicki Isbell helped us out with a good start with two bucks and two does.
Over the years she started moving on from 4-H to youth shows and then onto open shows. At the age of 13 she started not showing as much interrest in the bunnies so we both chose to work on them together and only start showing in the open shows as of the middle of 2001.
Our first ANDRC National show was in Tuzon Arizona and made us take our first plane ride ever, and the best part was we were hooked from then on to go to as many national shows as we could.
It has now became a Mother and Daughter duo and looking to only get better and better with the years to come.....


Our favorite saying as we are leaving for a show: "No matter what happens today at the show, as long as we have fun, then we had a great day".

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