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"CM's Hippity Hops" located in Washington State

Chocolate Selfs Program

Have a very very nice Mr Goodbar son in the barn and some up and coming babies out of 5811. I have been working harder with the Choc program...

young senior buck

Theo's Choc Import Buck-- our foundation buck
HORRIBLE Picture of him and I will be getting a better one..he was molting.....

Theo's Choc Import Buck:
Original name hum he did not have one...He is just one of the best bucks that out producing himself....I have culled one of his babies and that was it, he was a normal size buck and if I would not have had cage space I probably would not have kept him...I was lucky enough to get this buck from a frind of ours that was into dwarfs got out and into showing her dogs more.  So she gave him to me, he came in the same shipment of 905..I have found he breeds well to just about anything I breed him to in the barn, expecially his daughter.......he is no longer with us but has left us many good Choc's to work with and son's to carry on his genes.

CM's Midnight- daughter to the buck above
For all of those that think you have to have a great looking doe to have nice babies....look below..

This is CM's Midnight, she is one of Theo's daughters....she is a big big girl, close to 3 pounts and long ears......for all of you that feel you have to have a small, cute doe to make nice babies, you will see that is not always the case. I prefer to keep the bigger does and sell the cute show does....She has had about 5 litters for me and will be bred again back to the choc buck for some more awesome babies, I am really hoping for a nice big choc doe out of her to carry on her job when she is done.

CM's (Choc Senior Doe)
she is out of the Import REW doe bred to 905....

CM's Mr Good Bar
out of JP2/Theo's Choc Import buck

CM's Mr Good Bar:
WOW, what can I say when I get lucky I get lucky. I never dreamed that I would have Choc's that looked like this, matter of fact I never thought I would work with Choc self's, just figured that they would take a long time if not at all to be this good....Mr Good Bar's down fall is he is a major cage puller, no matter how many toys you give him he still pulls, and now he has butting teeth, but that is ok, butting teeth doe not stand in his way of breeding and I know they were good until he pulled them on the cage so I have no worry breeding to him. Well as you can see his teeth fixed them self as his head grew and as he got older and was in the breeding program he does not chew on th wire any longer.

CM's Dark Choc --- junior buck
out of CM's Midnight (pictures above) and Theo's Choc Import Buck

CM's Dark Choc:
He is young and he has alot of maturing to do, but all I can say about this buck and his sister is WOW, and if you ask many people that know me well I do not say WOW about my bunnies very often....This buck is on the sale page, he will not go cheap and if he does not sell OH WELL, I do not need another buck, but it is not what I call a cull rabbit. He at this point gives the feeling he has shading, but I have seen this in this color many times now, they look like this until they get their adult coats in. He does have a sable point behind him, but is mainly black and choc.

CM's Choc Smore-5th place dwarf nationals 2005
Juior Choc Doe, out of CM's Midnight/Theo's Choc Import Buck

CM's Choc Smore:
I love this little girl, can not keep my hands off her or her brother...They just feel awesome and so solid........I hope to be showing her at dwarf nationls in April...I have a feeling she will be as good if not better than Mr Good Bar.......

update picture of CM's Smore

It is time for a face off.....Jason Coin was at our house visiting Christy and also went thru my barn. Below are two sisters, the one on the left is my pick for what I like and the one on the right is Jason's pick. Now we will let them grow up a few more weeks and then take pictures again....

Senior Choc Doe coming up, jr picture right below
I really like this doe, she might be shown at Nationals

Choc Junior Doe (8-05) this is my pick
out of Import Choc Doe bred to Mr Good bar

Another young junior choc doe (sire Mr Good Bar)
She had a rough start with her litter mate plucking her but she is looking better

Choc Junior Doe (8-05) Jason Coin's Pick
Sister to the doe on the left....

another junior choc doe, litter mate to the other
She is looking very good as she gets older, out of Mr Good Bar as well