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Just a little view
of what is coming up

Over 30 up and coming babies in the barn at this time and more does due this weekend. Things are alive and well in CM's barn.
Babies include, REW-Otter-Silver Marten- Choc Self and Lilac.

My Favorite Doe
CM's Pride and Joy


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Otter young senior Buck coming up,
CM's Cardiac Arrest

Cardiac Arrest is proving to be a very valuable buck in our barn. He produced many of the top animals I showed last fall at convention including the sire to the BOV Silver Marten Doe and a couple of my up and coming otter herd bucks.

Harmony Rabbit Trails
Sold stock to Harmony in 2007 click to check them out

Our Newest Winner BOB/BIS CM's MS1
8-23-08 at FMNDRC in Oregon Otter Sr Buck

CM's Procesyn (MS1) is another great herd buck. I am very lucky to have this buck in my breeding program. Him and Cardiac Arrest will be used many times this breeding season.

CM's Mr Good Bar
2006 Dwarf Nationals in Lancaster, PA &
2006 ARBA Nationals Fort Worth TX
Best Of Variety Chocolate Open Class
in both shows.


ARBA Convention in Rhode Island
Kim Campbell, Christy Monk, Lisa Monk, Kim you make me laugh and look forward to seeing you at the national shows and all of your great e-mails.


Rabbitminus's 905
As he gets older he is starting to show is age, but he was shown in Lancaster, PA and still placed 3rd senior buck as an old man. RIP 905 we will never forget what you did for our barn...


We are located in the Eastern part of Washington State, and have been breeding Netherland Dwarfs since 1994. We are working hard on the Ruby-Eyed Whites, Otters, Silver Martens and Choc Self. Our Ruby-Eyed Whites started with stock purchased from Jason Coin and Kenny Nelson along with Bonnie Harris. Our Otters started with some of our original stock from Vicki Isbell and Bonnie Kelley, along with a Otter buck we imported from Theo Jansen out of Holland and some new additions over the last year or so from Jason Coin and Kenny Nelson. Amazing what a 4-H project can turn into....how ever we are just having a great time. The best part of all is all the wonderful friends you make.

There is nothing more special to get into breeding these cute little gems and watch them grow. They start out bald, blind and deaf and then WOW how they change and how quick it happens.
It is the joy to watch those babies start peaking out of the nest box and then watch them grow.
However the best part of all is to watch one grow up and then do well on the show table. Not a better feeling as a breeder then to say it is a home grown......

Joy Bramhall & Christy, Hartl Lucks Award Winners
Portland Oregon ARBA Nationals1998


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