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"CM's Hippity Hops" located in Washington State

Stock I have bought

Stock I have bought from other Breeders

I truly believe we need to give credit to those that have helped us improve our lines or add to them. If you do not give those that help you credit, you should feel bad....if it was not for them where would you be today. And when you get to the point that you sell stock to help others, would you not like them to give you credit as well........

When we first got started into showing and then breeding we were the type that would go out and at every show feel we needed to bring something new home, well we ended up with a mix match group of rabbits. That is not the smartest way to get started....waste of money and time if you want to improve your breeding program sooner than later...some of the first dwarfs we bought were at local shows only and I would have to say we needed to know more as we were just getting sold those breeders was more to the point they did not know what to do with the non show bunnies so lets take them to a show and sell them to the newbies....
I have had those that have sold us above and beyond what we asked for.....I do feel though that those we feel have helped us should get a page dedicated to them and let others know who we trust and are quality breeders. Although it is just a hand full, we want to say THANK YOU and help others find the luck we have and the good friends.....Please Please Please before you just go out and start buying, do your homework, check into web sites, talk to other breeders and get recommendations before you just go out and buy.....

CN's Mud coming Sept 2007 to our house

CN's Rabbitry
Jason Coin and Kenny Nelson
check out there site by clicking the logo below


CN's Russ
Our foundation buck to our Ruby-Eyed Whites

We got the chance to meet Jason and Kenny in the year 2000 at the dwarf nationals in Tucson Arizona. This was our very first dwart nationals and our very first time to fly....we had a blast and met so many nice people we have to say we were hooked from then on to attend as many nationals and conventions as we could, but we also knew we were going to have to improve our stock to make it more fun and worth wild.
We were lucky enough to buy a pair of Ruby-Eyed Whites from Coin/Nelson. CN's Russ and CN's Gin. WOW both had finished in the top 5 of their classes and CN's Russ's sire ended up winning BOS of the same nationals. From here we had our foundation stock for the REWs we have today. If it was not for bring Russ home that trip we would have for sure gotten out of the Ruby-Eyed Whites, we just did not have enough to make what we needed to compete at national levels, and either could not find what we needed around our area or those that did would not sell locally.
From there on when ever we would get a chance to attend a nationals and convention I would contact Jason and let him know I needed to add another buck from them to my collection. We added CN's VX, CN's NX and this last spring was lucky enough to add CN's Reko..WOW what a buck...along with bucks we did add a few does but found that we had our best luck with the bucks and making our own does and worked the line around the bucks.
Since adding them and working 4 years now with Coin/Nelson lines we were lucky enought to get CM's Mighty Russ, CM's Little Russ, CM's Russon and now the new one we have been so successful with is CM's NX Jr...he placed 3rd senior buck at 6 months and 5 days at the dwarf nationals in Calif April 2004 and only fell behind two Coin/Nelson bucks. WOW I could not have been more happy and Jason and Kenny were as well. They were so nice and told us what a wonerful job we were doing.
This fall at RI ARBA Convention we will have even a few more of the offspring of CM's NX Jr and CN's Reko to show. Hopefully they will be just as successful as the others.
Thank You Jason and Kenny
Now 2006 we even addes some otters as well to the mix, they seem to mix very well into what we had going, this is the first time we have added their otters into our line and very glad we did.
In 2007 we are adding a few more, CN's Mud is coming to our house as well as 3 REW does to mix into the group and get our REW's going strong again. Watch for CM's REW's in 2008. We are lucky enough to be picking up one more from them at convention in Michigan as well. Could not thank them both enough for their help thru the years and hope to continue working together with them as well.

WOW, this buck was as good as CN's Russ


Theo Jansen
from the Netherlands

Theo's 905
This buck is out of a buck 325, as I found out later, is one of Theo's top bucks...

We were lucky enough to get asked about 3 years ago to go in on a shipment that was coming from Theo. Well by the time I replyed back which was the matter of about 30 minutes the only animal left in the shipment that has not been spoken for was an otter buck. So we grabbed him and would see what he would do for our otters and chesnuts at that time. He flew into Seattle and about 2 months later were able to pick him up at a show we attended. Thank You Stacy for taking such good care of what we call Theo's Mr Holland. He was our first import buck from Theo. Well we have to say with the first litter born we could see a huge difference in the babies. More bone and bigger heads.
Then a year later we got an e-mail and asked if we wanted more stock from Theo. Of course I was lucky enough to be one the computer when the e-mail came in and replyed right back "YES" we worked with the lady that was at the time bringing them in. She took all the shaded that came in and we had the next pick of what was on the list Theo sent. We of course wanted some more otters in bucks and does and also picked up 4 silver martens as well, out of the shipment there was one REW doe so grabbed her as well. Total of 9 new bunnies coming to our barn. We were so excited and with some problems with the original lady doing the shipment getting to the airport, I took a day off and me and a friend along with my daughter drove over to Seattle and spent the night to meet up with the bunnies the next day. After the plane was late getting in we saw it land and you would have thought we were waiting for a long lost friend. While waiting for them to be cleared we started being able to got thru them and picked what we were going to keep as there were others we were going to be meeting up with those that had picks after us and were taking the shaded to Stacy. Just in time when they got released we had them shifted around and had ours picked and went to meet the others who were just as excited. I came home with my 9, Becky King got 3 who had second pick, Bonnie Kelly had 1 buck coming in...
Since then I have even been more lucky to pick up a few others that other breeders had imported or had bought. To me you can never have enough Theo bunnies, just like the Coin/Nelson REWs.
I have been lucky as well to keep in contact with Theo who has helped me out so much thru pictures and e-mail on how I am doing with his stock and what the babies are looking like. He has to be one of the nicest breeders I have worked with that I have never met, and my barn is always open to more of his stock.
Thanks Theo

Theo's Little One
This buck came in the last shipment with Theo's 905