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"CM's Hippity Hops" located in Washington State

Theo's 905 Otter Buck

RIP 905
We ended up having to put him down August 2008.....we will never forget this buck as long as I raise dwarfs and after that.....the only thing that helps is if you check out our buck's page we got a new buck fromTheo that is a duplicate of 905...thank you Theo


Theo's 905
Black Otter Senior Buck

Theo's 905 Otter Buck:
There is not much I can say bad about this buck, he came into our barn a little over 2 years ago and there has been no looking back.
I have to say when he first came in and after the long flight and the long drive to my house he was not looking what I would call to great...he had his head down on the table and just kinda looked like he was what we call on OK buck. Matter of fact I gave another buck to a friend that needed a boost on her dwarfs, since he came out of the carrier and was up and showing himself off, so I figured he was going to be the best buck. Then after about 3 weeks went by we took 905 out again and posed him up and thought man you are not looking to bad after all...
Took him to just some of the local shows and one convention, to me he was more valuable to make me babies that do the show thing. Well he went to 7 shows and 6 of those were local, he now has 6 legs and the one he lost was to his son, at the convention that year he took 10th place otter senior buck.
I am not sure where our otter program would be with out 905, he has been the main herd buck for most of our otters and has greatly improved our otters and his offspring is usually as good or better than himself.
Thank You Theo for parting with this buck. It turned out with talking with Rick Smith and Joe Kim that 905 is related to the 114 buck that Rick Smith has gotten most of his nice animals out of, they have the same sire...We only found that out about 6/04.

CM's Import Express
Theo's REW Express/ Theo's 905

Below are a few of his offspring:

CM's #1
Theo's Flight of Blue/ Theo's 905

CM's Explosion
Theo's Dynamite/Theo's 905

CM's Imported Choc Doe
Theo's REW Express/Theo's 905

CM's Pieces Silver Marten Doe
CM's Reese's/Theo's 905

CM's Spoiled Rotten Otter Buck
Theo's Flight of Blue/ Theo's 905

Theo's Flight of Blue Otter Doe (905 daughter)
straight import that came in, turned out to be a daughter of 905

CM's 907-otter senior buck-owned by Kim Cambell
Theo's Flight of Blue/Theo's 905