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"CM's Hippity Hops" located in Washington State

Brew Meister of Sater-Nordlicht


Keep Scrolling down for updated pictures of Brew

Our newest addition to our home:

Sire: Ch Bravo's Do or Die of Nordlicht
This is Brew's Daddy

Dam: Ch Frequent Flyer of Nordlicht
This is Brew's Mommy

This is Porter
This is one of Brew's brothers and was pick of the litter

Visit Sater-Nordlicht Shepherds for the puppy of your dreams........

When we say for the puppy of your dreams we could not be more right......Robert and Donna are 1 in a million to work with and their dogs are the best around. We have worked with Robert for 2 years on getting a puppy from him, I simply told him what I wanted in a dog and about what coloring I was looking for (but we all know that is what you get as well), he had a puppy for me a couple of times but we also were doing some foster care for our local city for a shep female that had to be taken out of her home, so it was not a good time for us to have a new I just kept in contact with him and let him know a few changes I wanted in my puppy and he e-mailed me about Brew and told me that he had the closet puppy to my dream dog........and that was Brew..
We got to go up and pick Brew up from Robert and Donna as we live only about 3 hours away.....and what a treat that was. We met Do or Die, Flyer and Dragon Lady among all the other dogs, they each have great personalities and all very friendly. We also got to sit down and play with the littermates that had not been picked up yet and did lots of talking and learning in our visit with them.
Robert is wonderful at keeping in touch with you and always eager to answer any questions you might have come up. He loves to see updated pictures of his dogs and know how they are growing. Can not ask much more from a breeder if you ask me.


It has been a long two years a coming to get this puppy, but I am so happy to have him here and will never buy another puppy from any other breeder.........

Sire: Ch Bravo's Do or Die of Nordlicht
Dam: Ch Frequent Flyer of Nordlicht

Pups born Nov 14, 2004


Brew is the dog of my dreams so far, of course we still go thru the wonderful puppy stage of them getting into everything and keeping them happy with lots of toys and chew sticks. Brew came home and even at the age of 9 weeks slept beside my bed, I put a heavy dog blanket down and made him like a play pen area and slept most of the night with getting up once.....he never pottied in that area.......He is crate trained as well, but figured he was in the crate during the day when I am at work so sleeping by my bed gives him some time with me and out of the crate. At the age of 12 weeks he is 90% potty trained in the house and loves to play outside with out other dogs as well. He is growing like a weed and seems to be a very happy and content dog.......


If you were to ask me how happy I was with Brew the only thing I could say is I find myslef sitting and staring at him all the time.....He is so much my dream dog and every day only gets to be more than what I asked for.....I have had him now for over a month and it feels like yesterday that we picked him up, the excitment is still there and finding it harder to stay at work, I can not wait to get home to him. I feel very lucky and honored to have Brew as mine.......

Meet BREW, he is the one on the far right
This was in Dec 2004, he is out of a litter of 10

Brew Meister in Dec 2004
he was 1 out of 10, some were bigger and some started out smaller...

Brew a little bit older
This picture was taken 1-7-05 as he was getting alittle older

Brew with one of his brothers
He is such a awesome dog, has learned so much in the short time we have had him





Brew growing up

Brew outside

so cute

Brew with all his toys



Brew Meister
Taken on Feb 14, 05 helping out with the bunnies

Well he has clamed the flight cage as his bed.

and then sometimes he like my chair
but he can have it any time.

He is just a happy dog
and loves to be with us all the time

Brew the end of Feb....
Boy is he growing up

Brew is such a happy dog
and loves to be where ever we are.....

Brew is also starting to show star quality
I think a few shows are in his future

He loves to run and jump........
he is getting more and more active and needing less sleep besides sleeps all night

not a bad self stack
Fauss is behind him our 8 year old shepherd

Our Happy Pup
I could not be more thrilled with this pup

as you can see he is growing up......very nicely..
picture taken 4-10-05

he is just the best dog........
I would not trade him for the world

my favorite picture of this day but it is dark.
he was watching the neighbor

yes he still sits in his chair while I do rabbits
but as you can see he fills it up a little more now.

Brew's litter was all named after beer...........