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"CM's Hippity Hops" located in Washington State

King's Desert Torts

I am working a site for Becky of her own, she has some awesome Torts coming up as well as some really awesome blacks as well. Will have a link to her new site when it is up and running......

Becky King's Netherland Dwarfs
Located here in Washington State as well.

Thank You Celena Porter for the awesome logo

Becky King and Maya Ellen
Grandma Becky, 10-16-06......Very Proud Grandma

King's ????
And when you thought there could not be a better Chestnut, HUM, watch for him on the show table

It has been a long haul for Becky as it is hard to find torts that are awesome type to work with for improvement, but with the help of a few she picked up from Donelle Bomben at Dwarf Nationals in 2004, she has made alot of improvement since then as well as a new buck from Donelle in 2006....she also has some awsome blacks and working on Chestnuts as well. On her blacks and chestnuts she is working with import line and Coin/Nelson lines, as we imported from Theo again Sept 05. She has added new stock from Donelle August 2006 as well. And Coin/Nelson in 2006 and 2007.


It is hard to believe that not even a year ago Becky called me up and told me she was sending all her stock to the pet store and starting over........I had to go out and give her the big talk to on working with what she had and getting a few nice bucks to bring in to help she did, she was lucky enough to get a hold of two bucks from Donelle Bomben and WOW what a change these bucks made. She also is using two bucks from me (one black and one otter buck) and she is singing a different toon now.....She called me up and said " I love what I have out there and how the feel, now I need more cages"....LOL


Well what I wrote above was early 2005, and as of now April 2006 it is so much fun going out to Becky's barn, she is so happy with her babies and juniors coming up. It is nice to see her so excited and WOW, watch out she is keeping everything in the barn bred and had to buy more nest boxes, I think the year 2006 and on is going to be good for Becky and her bunnies, and I think you will hear more and more about her and her bunnies too.


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King's K11
This is a home grown buck that has turned into one heck of a herd buck

King's K9 Buck
Another of her wonderful home growns.

King's K27 Buck

King's K40

King's K41

King's K42

King's K43

King's K45
Young Jr Buck coming up

Becky's new love, BLACKS. She has a great foundation stock to work with and I am sure you will see her do just as well with them as she has done with improving her Torts. Look for her blacks this fall on the show table.....

King's K44


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