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"CM's Hippity Hops" located in Washington State


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30+ babies in the barn and more on the way. New junior pictures will be up and coming as soon as they grow up a little bit more. It is nice to have the barn back to it good old self!!

one of the babies out of the nest box now
Up and coming otter buck.

Now owned by Mike Misner in Oregon

junior otter buck coming up
out of 434/Bounty Hunter

CM's Intern
out of U2/KLM1

CM's Direct Deposit is now living with Nikki and Bianca and doing very well for them on the show table and hopefully will become a herd buck for them as well.

CM's Direct Deposit
out of MS3/Don

Otter Junior Buck
Out of CM's MS3/CN's Don

CM's UCE3 blue otter junior doe
out of CM's UC bred to CM's Explosion

Otter Junior Buck CM's HD

I love this doe and am so excited to get more litters out of her...


CM's Bounty Hunter, WT1. He has matured out to be a great herd buck, this buck goes back to many of the animals in our barn today and is still used in the breeding program today.


CM's HT2 is now living in Atlanta and has won 3 BOB's out of 5 shows. They are extremely happy with him and have his first offspring in the nest box.
Hello Lisa,
I wanted to let you know about our wins this weekend. We went to Florida and got BOS in both shows. HT2 was one show and the Black Otter Doe in the second. That was leg number 4 for HT2. The doe picked up her 2nd and 3rd leg, so now we can hopefully get her registered and granded before she gets a dulap. Just thought you would like to hear. Thanks.



CM's Explosion Otter Junior Buck
can you believe this is him as a junior, most breeders would have culled him, but thanks to Theo sending young stock I was able to see how they mature out.


updated picture of CM's Explosion


When and if the day ever comes that you feel you have the best bunnies around, it is time for you to get out. The best part of this hobby is the challenge of getting better.

CM's NX Jr (taken 02/24/2004)
This is a junior REW buck, DOB 10-5-2004

CM's NX Jr
CM's Jansen/ CN's NX

Juniors are watched in my barn for atleast 3-4 months and sometimes longer before they are kept or sold. I do not sell anything before they are atleast 3-4 months old.

Some of these juniors we are going to be watching for a little bit, but some might end up on the For Sale page as well......

keep checking back for updated pictures

We usually watch our REW babies for some time before any come available.We have learned that if you really want to know what you have you have to give them some time......

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