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"CM's Hippity Hops" located in Washington State

Our Family and other Hobbies

The faces behind the bunnies. Ever wonder who is CM's HippityHops and what other things we do besides the Netherland Dwarfs......

This is Fauss, he loves the bunnies. Almost to much, but trust me he will not just let anyone in the barn......and you better have one of us with you to take one out.........RIP Fauss we miss you...

This is the guarder of the bunnies
You do not want to mess with his bunnies.......

Nordlicht Kennels

Don, Christy and Lisa
This is us enjoying out trip to San Diego Nationals. Also went to Sea World.

We are a family of three. Don, Lisa and Christy. Christy and I are the main part of CM's Hippity Hops, but Don does his part as well. The biggest part is just by giving up 1/2 of his garage to the bunnies. He also helps us drive to shows when we need him too, and get the cages ready for the flights we take to the National shows. Sometimes he even feeds and waters. Oh and he also helps save any babies that do get out of the cages, comes in with them in his hand and lets us know we have had one escape.........

Christy at the beginning
This is about the age she was when she got time will fly when having fun

This is Christy. She was what got CM's its name..
she graduated from High School 2004. Started bunnies when she was 6

Donnie's Hobby
well used to be. He raced for a long time, now he helps other who race cars

RACING-Nascar...I was this close to Jeff Gordon
when we are not at rabbit shows, we are at racing......

One of our winter hobbies........
We always try and support out local WHL Hockey team. Tri-City Americans

Hang out with good friends
If it is not quads it is snowmobiles, in this picture you are going to ask where is their space ship

Lisa's first love, Snocolyak (Snooks for short)
My horse I raised since he was about a month old

Look at the picture of me at work. This was not set up, I am having to do a test on a co-worker but on Friday's I do not wear my scrubs, I support the American Netherland Dwarf Club all the way and all the time...Look at the shirt and the logo it has on it.........LOL

Lisa at work
I work for a neurologist and do his testing, this is another employee

Hope you enjoyed you visit to our web site. Please go back to the main page and check out our other site for showing Netherland Dwarfs as well...........come again......:)