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"CM's Hippity Hops" located in Washington State


DISCLAIMER: All graphics and information on these pages are property of  CM's Hippity Hops. Copyright 2007-present - Lisa Monk- All Rights Reserved

We now are taking payments thru Pay Pal......quick and easy.

Sale Policy;
CM's Hippity Hops sells in the US and Canada, we do not ship over sea at this time.
When Stock is available we will sell/trade/give to approved breeders. We reserve the right to refuse a sale for any reason. CM's Hippity Hop's is a member of ANDRC and ARBA and is under no contract to sell stock in certain area's. We also hold the right to never sell stock again if so chooses.
Buyer is responsible for all cost. Including bunnies, health cert, cage, shipping cost and possible gas to and from the airport. If the shipment is sent pre-paid all funds must be in hand before the shipping is done.
If you don't like my sales policy there are many other breeders out there to purchase stock from. 

CM's Hippity Hops has sold rabbits to the following states;
Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California, Colorado, Texas, Wyoming, Ohio, Michigan, New York, Mass., Florida, Atlanta, New Mexico, Penn., Louisiana, Oaklahoma and more coming soon!


SALES PENDING: if you see a bunny that has Sale Pending on it, please still inquire about him or her, that just means that someone has put a hold on that bunny, does not mean it is sold.


and remember ...
there are people out here that are GRATEFUL to have CM's BUNNIES in their barn.
count me as one of them!

Sorry for rambling here, but I remember you telling me about you and Christy's first dwarfs, and some of the advice you got. You told me one of your main goals was to not ever let that happen to anyone you deal with, so you could save them the trouble. Well, I think you've succeeded at that task!  Since starting in dwarfs, we now have stock from Lisa Monk, and Coin/Nelson. I don't see how we could be more fortunate!!  Again, I wanted to thank you for being the breeder you are.  You help others succeed, and you promote this wonderful breed of rabbit.  We could have never gotten these chestnuts without you! Thanks again Lisa!!!
Jeff and Celena

Lisa, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the silver marten you really didn't have to do that. I just think you should know we named him Monk but I call him Monkey, or chunky monkey. Thank you such much.

Hello Lisa,
I wanted to let you know the results from the show yesterday. HT2, whom my daughter has nicknamed Johnny Cash, Won 2 BOBs and a BIS. That makes 3 BOB total for the two times we took him. Again the judge that knew more about the breed picked him, and the Judge that did not, did not. Thought you would like to know. I look forward to hearing from you.


Just to let you know we got the bunnies home safe and sound. Both of them are getting adjusted to their new digs. We are very pleased with both of them.  The whole experience was the same as the first time, so easy. The cargo office is easy to get to and easy to get out of. The people at the office are very nice and treat the animals with TLC. The guy was telling me that they usually ship a lot of animals. Sometimes 50-70 per day. Mostly dogs and cats but still that's alot. So, anyway, Thank You for the bunnies!!  Celena is delighted with them.
p.s. It is so nice to do business with someone as professional as you. I know you blush easy but, when you get great service, a straight answer, and someone true to their word it's rare. So with that I say Thank You again!!  You have made this experience of shipping the distance well worth it!
Jeff and Celena

You know Lisa, I feel as though we have a guardian angel.  You always look out for us. You have no idea what that means to the both of us. Being new to dwarfs, and the shows,  we have found that it can be difficult to find trusting people. You excel in that area. I Really Honestly do appreciate all you do. If you keep sending the pics of those chocolates, I am going to want those too!  I have always loved that color, but could never find any good typy ones. Besides, being in the selfs makes it extra hard to compete with the rews.  But you are showing me chocolates that blow my mind.  Anyway, I know we tell you a lot and you might get sick of hearing it but, we are blessed in finding such a good friend so far away.

Hello, Our names are Cesar Flores & Trey King
and we own C&T Rabbitry located
in South Texas. We initialy contacted Lisa
about getting some Otters and REW's.
    Lisa was kind enough to send us some really
nice REW's to work into our breeding program.
Using them along with our Bramhall REWs, has
really given us a boost. We have some nice
Jr's out of those cross's. Thank you Lisa
for all your help. We cannot wait to get us
some cute Otters from you next!

Cesar Flores & Trey King


If we do not have the variety you are looking for, feel free to e-mail me anyway and I will help you find a quality breeder with that variety.

If you do not see what you are looking for or if we do not have anything posted at the time, it is always best to e-mail us and let us know what you are looking for. Sometimes we might have something that we would be willing to move on or we can atleast add you to the list. Most of our stock is pre-sold thru a waiting list........

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