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"CM's Hippity Hops" located in Washington State


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Rabbitminus's 803 otter senior buck (young)
This buck was sent to me from Theo to be my new herd buck

this buck is like 905 with a different ear him

Welcome to our barn
RABBIMINIMUS 415..............

Stapleton's MudII
related to CN's K and CN's Mud-both in my barn

Stapleton SSA1
Young Otter buck

CN's JY--Jay
Will be living in Becky's barn helping her chestnuts

Senior Otter Buck

Otter Senior Buck
CM's Procyshen (MS1)

CN's Mud has arrived in our barn

CN's Mud is still in the barn, but is getting up there in age and is not as active in the breeding program, he has however gave us a couple daughters and a couple son's to carry on his pedigree.

RABBIMINIMUS 687 Otter Senior Buck
one of our herd bucks, Bounty Hunter's sire, along with HT1 and HT2's sire

CM's Bounty Hunter, June 2007
7 legs


CM's Mr Good Bar
2006 Dwarf Nationals and ARBA Convention
Best of Variety Open Show Winner


RABBIMINIMUS 682 silver marten buck
one of our silver marten herd bucks, got a little high and out of the picture a bit

CM's Explosion and a younger junior,
this buck is a 905 son and is now producing some of the best off spring ever......


CM's NX Jr
expecting off spring from him
fall of 2007



 Good Bar as a young senior


CM's Explosion finally maturing out,
most breeders would have never kept him when he was younger, but I am sure glad I did....


CM's NX Jr, next two pictures


CM's NX Jr
This is the buck out of all our Junior Bucks we are keeping to further our breeding lines

We are working pretty hard with a couple of lines to get tighter and tighter line breeding. In our Ruby-Eyed White lines we are mainly using CN's line, which comes from Jason Coin/Kenny Nelson. We were lucky enough to purchase our first buck and doe from them at the Dwarf Nationals in Arizona in 2000. (CN's Rus and CN's Gin), then we were able to purchase more in Ohio and San Diego. Thanks  Guys, I owe all my success in the REW's to you......we were also very lucky that this crossed with the REW's we had in our barn, that had Bramhall behind them. We had a good friend that had stock from the Bramhall's and when she got out she sold all her REW's to us. Thank You Bonnie Harris. Between these two breeders they helped our REW lines and made our REW's what they are today. Our Otters come mainly from what we had worked with over the last 12+ years and then have brought in a few shipments from Theo Jansen from the Netherland's, as well as adding a few from Jason and Kenny as well. Our original otters came from Vicki Isbell out of Montana and Bonnie Kelley from Washington. We have been lucky enough to have purchased more stock from Theo and Coin/Nelson and feel this is going to help us out even more. I feel as long as I see them improve in my barn each year I am on the right track, and so far that is what I am seeing.......

CN's Russ
Rest in Peace Russ, what we would do to have you with us again for even a short time.
What this buck did for our REW program was just amazing, and I am so glad that I am going to be able to get a few of his grandkids back as well this fall.


This is the man, he is CN's Russ. He is the foundation that goes back to our beginning in our REW's in 2000. If it was not for him we would have easily dropped out of the Ruby-Eyed Whites. However with bringing him home from Coin/Nelson he gave us offspring to be competitive in the local shows as well as giving us a boost nationally as well.

CM's Russon
Grand Champion
was sold to a breeder in Kansas


CM's Ruson is a son from CN's Rus bred back to one of his daughters. This is not the best of pictures of him, but we were happy to just get him sitting still. We sometimes call him out ADD/HD bunny. He is a very friendly buck and on the go all the time. He is just about as close to a clone as you can get to his father........his offspring seem to be as good or better than his dad........Now living in Kansas


Good Ole Runtee Two. Rest in peace Runtee, but he was just a father last in April 2002. He seems to mix real well with the offspring of the imports. The picture does not do him well in the head, he does have a more full cheek than it looks like, but age is catching up with him as well. He was the foundation to our otter program from Vicki Isbell from Montana.

This is in his prime. He ended up with 10 grand champion legs and is still alive and once in a while still goes in the breeding program....he is getting older now, happens to the best of us



This is an Import Buck we were lucky to get. When he first came in he did not show us 100%, I think he was a little tired from the long flight. We were eager to breed to him but not sure if he would ever make it to the show table. Then one day he thought he better show us what he had, and man are we sure glad he did.
10/26/02 we attened our local club shows. We had two shows in one day and 905 took BOB in both shows. The two judges that picked him could not say enough good things about this buck. He did a clean sweep....3/22/03 went back to our local show and did another clean sweep and was given an honorable mention in BIS. On 10/18/03 He attended out local show again and won both shows, so he is 6 of 6 now for our local shows. Poor guy only gets to attend the local shows now. He is more valuable to us in the breeding program In Lancaster at the dwarf nationals he had been on loan to a good friend and they brought him back to me at that show, so we had him entered so he could stay in the show room, he went up on the show table and placed 3rd senior otter buck even for an old guy.

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Our barn gets a little buck heavy at times, so we will not put all the pictures on this page of all our bucks, but will try to update it and change pictures when we can.